RandoriAnalysis at 35C3

At this years Chaos Communication Congress, we conducted several Sessions on Wargaming. The Congress is not over yet, and there are still Workshops to run. We collect any links and literature reference we (will) have spoken about, and that we promised to make available, here.

It was a pleasure to offer sessions at a Chaos Communication Congress again, and we would like to thank all members of the Social Fiction Society – Assembly, as well as our participants for their time, attention, every question and response.

Zones of Control – An introduction to everything about serious games

… well, except Business Simulations. But even so, Zones of Control is a perfekt point to start. The book includes Essays about everything serious-game related: design, layout, rules, mechanics, goals that can and cannot be achieved. This is especially valuable, since the serious game community is somewhat divided along academic disciplines.

Settlers of Catan and Global Change – Modding Boardgames

There is a free download for a Climate Change Ruleset for Settlers of Catan. It’s great. You find it in this Blog.

The Iraqi Minister of Information

As an example for analytical games, we discussed some that were conducted by the British Army in preparation of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Our Information originates from this book. You can find more on the Iraqi Minister of Information here, and on any video platform.

Millenium Challenge 2002 – How the US Military missed an opportunity to learn from a wargame

Another example we used is the Millenium Challenge 2002. In this large scale exercise against an active opponent, the Blue Force lost decisively. Instead of losing again and learning more about the weaknesses of their approach, the rules were changed. Of course, Blue Force destroyed the enemy, but also every opportunity to learn.


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